History of Fire Emblem’s Falchion

History of Fire Emblem’s Falchion

History of Fire Emblem’s Falchion

It Has been over three Years since the Start of the Fire Emblem Collection. Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light published to the Nintendo Famicom in 1990. Since that time more than a dozen sequels have added into the series’ rich lore, all of the way to Fire Emblem: Three Homes for its Nintendo Switch in 2019.

As a string-based around strategic warfare, there are dozens and dozens of firearms in Fire Emblem. Just a couple of them are significant enough to include in the show’ lore, however, and none is more significant than the Falchion, also called the Kingsfang. A mythical sword, the Falchion features in lots of the Fire Emblem matches and is frequently imperative to the plot. Here is the whole story of how the Kingsfang has altered the area of Fire Emblem.

The Divine Dragons

There are now two different blades in that the Fire Emblem series Which are called Falchion, however, they forged by precisely the exact same individual; Naga, chief of this Divine Dragons, made Falchion using among her own fangs. Naga is frequently worshipped by humankind as a result of her immense celestial power and sympathy because of its mortal race. Hence, the Falchion is also Known as a sacred weapon in Lots of the Fire Emblem games.

Naga made the Falchion together with the titular Fire Emblem protect, which Was utilized to seal off the Degenerated Dragons. As a result of its roots, the Falchion gets got the capability to ruin Dragons in almost any form. It is this feature that has been important to humankind once the blade finally passed to individual hands.
The Archanea Series

One of the Fire Emblem matches, the Falchion looks mostly in that the Archanea series, Which covers those names put in the continent of the exact same name. Following its forging, the Falchion was initially passed into individual hands by Gotoh, a Divine Dragon and playable character at the very first Fire Emblem title. Gotoh assisted Anri, an individual hero who functions as a mythical figure in the show, to maintain the blade in the Ice Dragon Temple.

Gotoh assisted Anri to get the Falchion so as to use it from Medeus, the Principal antagonist of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, Following the Shadow Dragon, started a war on humankind. Although Medeus was murdered by Anri, he was later resurrected from the sorcerer Gharnef, who merged with him to start a war against the continent of Archanea. This battle would be the setting for your initial Fire Emblem match, where the protagonist Prince Marth takes up the Falchion and uses it to conquer Medeus once more.

The Valentia Series

Another copy of Falchion seems in the match Fire Emblem: Gaiden and its remake Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. On the continent of Valentia, the sword was provided to this Divine Dragon Duma prior to his exile from Archanea. Thousands of years after, human Emperor Rudolf of Rigel gained the sword out of Duma so as to secure his sister Mila inside, providing it the capacity to destroy monsters made by Duma.

But, Mila also produced It impossible for people to utilize Falchion contrary to Duma himself. She simply relinquished complete control over it afterward Alm, the protagonist of Fire Emblem: Gaiden demonstrated to her that humankind could survive with no gods.
Fire Emblem Awakening

The last Significant name Where the Falchion is critical is Fire Emblem Awakening, Which’s set 2000 years later Marth summoned the sword. The sword has been handed down through the royal bloodline, finally coming into the palms of the very first Exalt of Ylisse, who employed it both and the Fire Emblem itself to conquer Grima that the Fell Dragon.

Following the war, the Falchion was decreased in electricity as the diamonds from the Fire Emblem were scattered throughout the continent. In Fire Emblem Awakening It falls into Chrom, prince of Ylisse and chief protagonist, to revive its own power. Chrom employs the Falchion through the game, finally restoring its entire power and beating Grima once more.

The newest Fire Emblem match, Fire Emblem: Three Homes, does not Feature the Falchion or the Fire Emblem, at least those titles. But lots of fans speculate that both sacred artifacts might be in the match whatsoever, in the shape of the Crest of Flames and the Sword of their Creator. Although the lore behind those items is vague, they really do fill a similar function to the Fire Emblem and Falchion from the first show.

History of Fire Emblem’s Falchion
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